The Vietnam War era was a time of tremendous turmoil and unrest in America and a turning point in world history. For America, it was a time of a great awakening as we questioned who we were and what we wanted to become. For the Vietnamese, it was a disastrous chapter in their history but out of tragedy sprang hope in a new country.

Our project goal is to provide FREE videos and teaching aids to schools and the public telling the untold truth of the Vietnam War. These products are designed to be concise, engaging, easy to understand and the facts presented have been cross referenced through multiple sources and testimonies, to ensure that the material presented is both accurate and objective.

Featured and for the first time ever in a national release, the people most affected by the war speak out. The South Vietnamese people, through their eyes, will intimately tell of the truth of the war and it’s aftermath. Their view of America and the war, will surprise and shock many who only know what is written in our history books.

Jointly featured are our American Veterans who fought in the Vietnam War. Though, fighting under a flawed military strategy, new codes of conduct in warfare and under intense media scrutiny, our fighting forces “on the battlefield”, were able to achieve one of the most overwhelming victories in history. Yet, when they came home, the media and many political leaders told a different story. Now, like you have never heard before, our Vietnam Veterans factually refute step-by-step this wrong perception of them and of the US war effort.

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Our project team is a diversified group of people from different races, genders, ages, religions and political beliefs with a passion to tell the true history of the war.

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Voice of South Vietnam

For the first time ever in a national release, the South Vietnamese people tell their true history.
History or Propaganda

American Vietnam Veterans factually refute the media’s wrong perception of them and the US war effort.
Lesson Plans

Powerful multimedia academic lessons unlike any other will be provided FREE to the American school system and the general public.
Fact Check on the War

Think you know the Vietnam War? Take this quick quiz to find out!
Vietnamese Refugees

Does the number 250,000 mean anything to you? Discover the tragic and inspiring story the world does not know.
Re-education Prisons

The hidden story of the one million Vietnamese people imprisoned after the war.

Discover the true story of the South Vietnamese Military.

Virtual Vietnam War Memorial

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